Twitter Toilet Paper for Your Social Media Musings

Shitter: Twitter toilet paper

Twitter toilet paper is a popject that works on three levels:

  1. It’s toilet paper. You can use it.
  2. It sends the message that social media is disposable…literally.
  3. It speaks directly to the psychology of social media narcissism. Purchasing this object proves the theory.

Just what is Shitter exactly? It’s your Twitter feed as toilet paper (of course).

Shitter turns Twitter into toilet paper.

Shitter will take one or more feeds from your Twitter account and turn it into four rolls of Twitter toilet paper, delivered straight to your door. If you grant Shitter access to your Twitter account (which you can then revoke under settings –> apps), you can test out your own feed, someone else’s feed, a list, your favorites…all this for $35.

Shitter: Twitter toilet paper

Mashable has a little video about the Twitter toilet paper, and they broke down the cost-per-sheet. This TP is gonna cost you $10 more than last winter’s Sucklord-branded toilet paper, Ass Wipe. But it could be worth it: I’m imagining that special blend of bathroom joy when Rob Delaney gets on a roll