Balabam iPad App for Kids from Sergey Safonov

Balabam iPad App

Sergey Safonov is debuting a sweet little image browser app for kids today in the iTunes shop. Entitled Balabam, the app is designed to entertain children, especially pre-readers, with an assortment of kid-friendly images contained within its library.

Balabam iPad App

Kids can self-navigate from one of Safonov’s original character designs to explore pictures of cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. in many forms (e.g. photos, drawings, sculpture, Legos). Parents will also appreciate Balabam during long car trips…

Sergey Safonov

Safonov conceived and designed Balabam, with development by Nikos Konstas and music by Andrew Veligor. I even got to play a little part by writing the description for submission to Apple. The app is free to download, and all future updates will also be free. Download it today!

Balabam iPad app in iTunes