Francesco de Molfetta Interview by Okedoki

Fatman by Francesco de Molfetta

I just came across this fantastic interview with Francesco de Molfetta by fellow talented (and provocative) artist, Okedoki. It’s fascinating and refreshing to hear them discuss de Molfetta’s political and controversial sculptures.

Snack Bar bie by Francesco de Molfetta

In particular, I enjoyed this passage where de Molfetta describes the impact of the 80s:

The age of wellness and richness, of aesthetics ,shiny icons and political bribes. Everything seemed so wacky and funky, I have memories of colourful and hypertasty lifestyle and of course it was my childhood, hence my first and most precious memories and that entire era had such a weight in my aesthetical education and sensitivity that in my work it is so clearly visible. I could say that the 80s have given me the greatest hints and contribution to my actual imagery. I get excited whenever I face a reinterpretation of a mythical icon from my childhood, or else whenever I see someone who has made an artwork on a close 80s pop culture theme I get so excited about it that I would want it for me, like a sunken treasure emerged from my childhood dreams. I have interminable chats on 80s memories with a close friend of mine, he is an artist too and we just keep on quoting phrases and figures from the 80s! It’s a total pleasure to be tucked into childhood memories!

Dictatorabbits by Francesco de Molfetta

Read the whole interview here.