Caulk Up Some DIY Hot Dogs

DIY Hot Dogs: Montage Sausen Pistools by Natwerk

This may go down as one of my favorite post titles of all time. Well, if you liked the idea of edible food coloring in spray paint cans, check THIS out: Condiments inside of caulk containers, a brilliant idea by Amsterdam-based design firm, Natwerk.

The Sealant Sauces are one of Natwerk autonomous creations. This range of sauces is a must-have for people who take BBQ’ing serious. Who’s putting this on the shelves? Contact us for more info.

I actually don’t take BBQing too seriously, but where I could see these becoming very useful is for disrupting political gatherings. Example usage, fire liberally and say: “Christine O’Donnell, you are a caulk-sucker.

[Thank you to The Urban Grocer]