Concrete (Non-Rubber) Duckies

Written on by jeremy

Gray Concrete Ducks

If you got a kick out of Bughouse’s Future Fossils collection of concrete cameras, joysticks and turntables, soak in these concrete (non-rubber) duckies. The quirky quackers act as swag and samples for Gray Concrete, a UK-based design firm specializing in glass reinforced concrete castings.

Gray Concrete Ducks

Notcot spotted the concrete ducks while on location in London for 100% Design. Wouldn’t it be “fun” if the mob co-opted these for a “hilarious twist” on “sleeping with the fishes“?!

Click through for more duckies and one of my best musical pairings yet (from Shonen Knife)!

Gray Concrete Ducks

Enjoy the whole video, but the musical pairing begins at about 3:35!

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