Jon Knox Avec Vinyle de Francais!

Jon Knox x ExtendedToyz Cody

This is exciting news. It’s only been a few months since Tucson & Tokyo-based Lulubell produced the first version of Jon Knox’s vinyl Jeffrey, and now comes word of a new, totally Euro vinyl from ExtendedPlayz.

Jon Knox x ExtendedPlayz

Jon Knox has been secretly working on Cody with Ajee and Reeno of France’s BonusToyz. The 9-inch figure will come in three versions: “regular green, regular blue and masked, with interchangeable magnetic eyes and glasses”. Now I’m not sure what “regular green” looks like, but I love the sound of it, as well as anything with glasses, let alone magnetic, interchangeable ones.


The styles of Jon Knox and Ajee really go nicely together. Remember this 2009 custom?

Jon Knox x ExtendedPlayz

Looks very cool so far. Félicitations, Jon!