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There’s One in Every Bunch…Sket One’s Rotten Tomato Guardian

Written on by jeremy

Ah, the joys of growing your own and playing with toys… I decided our tomato crop could use protection; a scarecrow of sorts to ward off would-be worm intruders. Enter Sket One‘s Buckeye Rot. Sket designed three colorways of his original … Continue reading

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Yum Yum London Toy Series One

Written on by jeremy

Designers, illustrators and animators, Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer, of UK-based design firm Yum Yum London are, after designing a number of amazing characters, finally releasing their premiere toy series. Here’s the brief from Yum Yum: “We made these to make … Continue reading

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Oh Schnapps! Poison Plum CrappyCats

Written on by jeremy

As a follow up to the binge-drinking Crap Stink Splasher CrappyCat duo, Van Beater keeps it alcoholic with today’s release: Oh Schnapps: Poison Plum edition. Oh Schnapps! Poison Plum finds its protagonists involved in the following situation: CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey shove off … Continue reading

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Throwback to Urban Vinyl with J-Town Crew Resin Toys from Jakarta

Written on by jeremy

Jakarta, Indonesia based artist, Eric Liem, has started a new series of designer toys that recall the heyday of urban vinyl. Liem’s “J-Town Urban Da ‘Crew” characters bring to mind the stylized streetwear aesthetics of toys by Eric So, Michael … Continue reading

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Authentic KAWS Replicas Cheap From China

Written on by jeremy

This morning, pictures of an unreleased KAWS toy began appearing online. I traced the images to a site called, which almost exclusively sells “replicas” of KAWS toys and paintings. [The company already has its own version of the Seated Companion (Harbour … Continue reading

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