Artist Customized Skatecycles Urban Riding Machines

While I don’t support customizing your dog, I’m all for modifying “self-propelled hubless skateboards” and selling them for charity. Designed and developed in Brooklyn, by Brooklyn Workshop, the Skatecycle “combines the snake-like movement of a caster board with the carving action of a snowboard”. The company, which specializes in “innovative, urban riding machines” was founded by Alon Karpman. Karpman is a former lawyer, which is probably a good prior skillset to have when you’re manufacturing what some people might consider “death on wheels”.

Today, Brooklyn Workshop got together with Global Giving to sell Skatecycles customized by Doktor A, Jon Burgerman, Travis Cain, Grimsheep, Lunartik, MAD, Touma, Dave Bondi, Derek Welch, Motomichi and Tokyo Plastic. The customized Skatecycles range in price from $250-$1,500, and 100% of the sale price is being donated to Japan relief efforts. Said Karpman:

I wanted to pay homage to the Japanese culture for their support of the vinyl art community, by having the artists create pieces that benefit the relief effort after Japan’s recent tragedy…I’ve always been a fan of street art, pop art, and especially anime.  Having the Skatecycle customized by some of my favorite artists, is really a dream come true. I hope that this will inspire others to personalize their Skatecycles.

As of right now, it looks like most of the custom Skatecycles are accounted for. There is an option to get on the “wait list” for each piece, but you have to sign up for a membership to GILT to view the gallery. Oh look, I saved you the trouble. Pretty cool merger of skating and art…