Mr. Gugu and Miss Go: Insane Sweater Art From Poland

Mr. GUGU and Miss Go Sweaters 2013

OK, so full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of garish, all-over print, psychedelic op-art, cute-animal apparel, but…I totally love these sweaters! Maybe it’s because they’re made in Poland?!

Mr. Gugu and Miss Go is a European brand that has a unique background. It is based on a genuine conviction that the way we dress ourselves really matters for the future of our continent. We like to assist any person who decides to look better than before. We want people of Europe to look fresh, brave, original, and self-confident.

The Polish fashion brand follows the wisdom of the obscure philosopher Vataman Gugu Fuckara, who said: “You must look very good to become really good among the good. Only those looking very good can enter the gate of real goodness. Only the good will survive when the gate of real goodness is shut forever.”

Mr. GUGU and Miss Go Sweaters 2013

OMG, don’t let the Gate of Real Goodness slam on your fashion-challenged face! The sweaters above (bespectacled bunny, dandy cat and hamster king, respectively) as well as the range of 10 shown up top are all part of Mr. Gugu and Miss Go’s upcoming 2013 range. I can’t help thinking that Mr. Gugu and Miss Go are kind of like the Eastern European hyper-stimulated parallel universe versions of Mr. Muju and Miss Muju. Here’s how Mr. Gugu & Miss Go work together:

Mr. Gugu makes you a dream candidate for the future we dream about. He makes you the cutest child of the age to come. And Miss Go rules over him just as every beautiful woman rules over her brilliant husband. They both will show you what is worth wearing not only today, and not only tonight, but tomorrow and the age after tomorrow. Let Mr. Gugu and Miss Go help you look better.

But their clothes don’t just help you look better; they also appear to help you FEEL better. This woman (below) is experiencing unprecedented levels of fun while grocery shopping thanks to her hamburger sweater. Now if only those groceries were color-coded…

Mr. GUGU and Miss Go Grocery Shopping

Their mission might feel a little dada, but if you don’t think about it too hard, it almost makes sense:

The wise know that times have changed. We have so often rewound the clock since our grandparents got a shock when they listened to the rock. In olden days a glimpse of inscription on a t-shirt was looked on as something shocking. Now, it seems, anything goes. Well-known producers, too, who once produced better collections, now only use the simplest ideas to make you look stupidly the same. The world has gone mad today, and good is bad today, and black is white today, and day is night today. The time has come we are bound to answer the challenge.

The Mr. Gugu and Miss Go 2012 sweater collection (favorites shown below) is available online internationally for €45 (~$59 USD) each here. It seems like it’d be difficult to feel depressed if you’re covered in popcorn and gummy bears. (If you gifted someone these condom pillows for Christmas, hook them up with a matching condom jumper!)

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