Pepper Spray Cop Does His Time

UC Davis Pepperspray Protest Watch by Dominic Wilcox

I love this so much. If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you know I enjoy when artists comment on current events or controversy. This is Dominic Wilcox‘s response to the recent pepper-spraying of several unarmed UC Davis students. Wilcox is the UK-based designer behind the Moments in Time miniature watch sculptures and yesterday’s War Bowls. The UC Davis incident is now one of the most artfully (or whatever you call this) immortalized moments of the Occupy movement. About making the watch, Wilcox writes:

“I find it disturbing when people in positions of power abuse it and lose any sense of humanity. I was shocked to see the footage of the pepper spraying of people sitting in a peaceful protest at UC Davis. I felt a need to capture this incident in time.”

Along with the Pepper Spray Protest watch, Wilcox made a one-off Love and Protest watch. Recalling Banksy a bit, this one features a soldier and a protester kissing. Both watches are on display at La Scatola Gallery in London through January 7th. Brilliant!

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