Friday 05-11-12 Instagram Roundup

Like the Astroboy above (on his way to Berlin for Selim Varol’s massive toy art exhibit) this week’s Instagram Roundup is gigantic. Expect to see vinyl, plush, resin and skulls, as well as works-in-progress, test pulls, one-offs and artists’ own collections

There were a couple events this past week where it was hard to pick just a singular photo. I’m talking about Dabs Myla at Known Gallery in LA. And Synergy at Spoke-Art in San Francisco. And JR and Jose Parla collaborating in Havana.

Not only do we have cats this week, but we’ve got three cats who live with great art. We’ve got a dog who might be a Chia Pet, as well as a guinea pig, a hedgehog, and a 16-year old tortoise named Chuck. There’s 57 pictures in this curated recap. Click through to enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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