Jim Mahfood and N8 Van Dyke do Burlesque at Artifact

N8 Van Dyke Live Painting

After Wondercon on Saturday, we stopped by Artifact, one of San Francisco’s newest gallery spaces at Mission and Van Ness. The art was definitely curated for maximum fan service to a post-Con crowd. For example: ample depictions of scantily-clad women by Jim Mahfood and a Star Wars fanboy fantasy scene by N8 Van Dyke.

The Crowd at Burlesque

The gallery was super crowded, but it wasn’t hard to find N8 Van Dyke painting live in the corner, since he stands more than a head taller than anybody else around. Go check this show out through May 8th. Artifact is founded by Mike Chong (who I once interviewed about T-shirts). I’m looking forward to seeing what else he does with this space.

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