Tokidoki Barbie Gets All Tatted Up

Tokidoki x Barbie

Well well well. Bratz may have beaten Barbie in court, but looks like Barbie’s about to beat Bratz in cool.

tokidoki®Barbie® doll is always ready for cutting-edge fashion! She pops on a pink miniskirt, logo leggings and black top with signature skull heart and bones, carries a large bag from the brand, then adds bracelets, a belt, and sky-high sparkly silvery shoes! This funky fashionista features trendy tattoos and a pink bob. With cactus friend, Bastardino, by her side, she’s ready for fun in fashion-forward form!

The first lady of Mattel is all tatted up (or tarted up?) with iconography by Italian brand, tokidoki. What’s more is that most of her accouterments are not limited to doll-scale: the bag and the Cactus Pup were made for adult collectors long before they fell into Barbie’s hands.

Tokidoki x Barbie

Sure, everyone cries foul when Barbie appears on my blog, but you know what? a tokidoki Barbie makes sense. (And will probably also make a lot of cents.) When I was writing my treatise on Toy Art Tattoos, I came to realize that tokidoki fans are big into tattoos. The site even has a page dedicated to fan art tattoos.

Tokidoki x Barbie

The tokidoki Barbie doll will be released on Thursday, October 13th. The Barbie Collector shop (from whence all this information hails) will be carrying them for $50 each. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time (and money) in the designer toy scene, but that sounds like a good price for such a tricked out doll.

And lest you think that only the ladies will be queuing up for this release, please check out the mini-gallery below where you can clearly see a few fellas looking all hard posing with their tokidoki chest pieces and tatted up knuckles. I live for this shit.

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