Friday 03-23-12 Instagram Roundup


Here’s a bit of what I’ve been viewing and digging within the Instagram microcosm over the last 7 days. If you’re old enough to know the PSA that this “I learned it by watching YouTube” wheatpaste is riffing on, yet young enough to have learned to tie a tie on YouTube, we’re probably about the same age. Awesome.

Other stuff in no particular order: green toys for St. Patrick’s Day, Siamese troll dolls in Japan, boxes and boxes of Be@rbricks, resin toys from Liverdiet, resin toys from MAD, Liu Bolin in NY, Swoon in SF, the best “Draw Something” ever, more macabre goodness from Doubleparlour, UAMOU x Rampage Toys, Rampage Toys x UAMOU, @honkeylips x @brutherford, Godzilla and a cat who thinks its Monday.