We’ve Got Issues: Color Ink Book’s 4th Annual Group Art Show

Two great curated group art shows are opening in the Los Angeles area tomorrow night; the first of which is We’ve Got Issues. This Saturday, August 18th, everyone’s favorite DIY art periodical, Color Ink Book, opens its 4th anniversary exhibit at WWA Gallery.

David Horvath's Bossy Bear vs. the TSA
Bossy Bear vs. the TSA by David Horvath

Obviously, “We’ve Got Issues” is literally wordplay for Color Ink Book being available in an issue-style format. However, some artists interpreted the title conceptually as well. Above, Uglydoll co-founder, David Horvath voices his issue with America’s Transportation Services Authority (TSA). Although I still don’t really understand what Horvath was getting at with that “I’m Calling You Out” rant on the Kidrobot forum, I completely feel him on this one. If you, too, have begun to find flying about as fun as getting groped and irradiated by robots programmed to be aloof, yet horrid, click here for my growing archive of blog posts involving art and the TSA.

Anthony Ausgang's 420
420 by Anthony Ausgang

Anthony Ausgang depicts a solution to many of life’s issues. Above, a hip cat levitates above his problems by way of a mellow herb invented and propagated by Mother Nature herself. If pot art floats your boat, check out this archive.

Ana Bagayan's Young Grays
Young Grays by Ana Bagayan

If you think about it, on paper, Color Ink Book has an even less obviously profitable business model than a writer who specializes in designer toys. I mean, Adam and Jason Washburn publish a coloring book that’s not (really) for kids. Color Ink Book is filled with black and white art from artists in the urban, contemporary, lowbrow, comic, illustration, pop surrealism and tattoo scenes. I don’t know how many adults take time out from life to color (maybe we should), and so what I’m getting at is: Color Ink Book is a labor of love! It’s a passion project by two brothers, and we should support it.

Bob Dob's Mouseketeer Fox
Bob Dob

We’ve Got Issues features new artwork by a spectacular group of contemporary artists, including Jeremyriad blog regulars: 64Colors, Ana Bagayan, Anthony Ausgang, Bob Dob, Ragnar, Camilla d’Ericco , The Chung!, Dave Correia, David Flores, David Horvath, Doubleparlour, Ferris Plock, Glenn Barr, JC Rivera, Kelly Tunstall, Matt 136, Nate Van Dyke, Scott Tolleson, Skinner and Travis Millard. The show opens, this Saturday, August 18th at WWA gallery with a reception from 7-10PM.

Click through for some more of my favorites, and if you attend the opening, wish those guys a happy anniversary for me!

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