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Doze Green Art Almighty Last Gasp pop surrealism

Last Gasp followed up its 40th anniversary Lowbrow Art show with a 41st anniversary Art Almighty pop surrealism exhibit extraordinaire. The event opened after Wondercon [recapped] last Friday at 111 Minna Gallery. The first art you see upon entering are these three awesome panels by Doze Green (who should make more toys).

Art Almighty at Last Gasp pop surrealismThe gallery had many interesting pieces like a Todd Schorr concept sketch and a Joe Sorren/Jud Bergeron collaborative sculpture. I liked Seonna Hong‘s painting on a tri-color paint swatch a lot. I’ve always thought those would make great little canvases/stickers.

Jay Howell
Jay Howell

The evening also marked the occasion for a Jay Howell zine release. Green zines, green Oreos and green “Say Perhaps to Drugs” T-shirts were available. Get your zine here and your shirt here.

Ron Turner of Last Gasp pop surrealism
Ron Turner

I didn’t catch exactly why a trio of Doggie Diner heads [history] was parked outside the gallery, but it all makes sense when Last Gasp founder Ron Turner enters the picture. Click through for snaps of the art show. It’ll be up throughout April.