Yum Yum London Designer Toys Series One

Yum Yum London Toy Series 1

Designers, illustrators and animators, Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer, of UK-based design firm Yum Yum London are, after designing a number of amazing characters, finally releasing their premiere designer toys series.

Here’s the brief from Yum Yum: “We made these to make you happy, and we’re excited to finally show you. Yay!” Yum Yum Toy Series 1 includes 5 designs from their copious character canon: Popcorn, Cactus, Hotdog, Granny and Zombie. They figures are vinyl and measure 12cm or ~ 4.7 inches tall. They are currently only being sold as a full set of five for £75 or ~ $118 USD, plus shipping.

However, you can pre-order them now for a discounted price of £60 or ~ $95 USD plus shipping, bringing the set of 5 figures to ~ $116.86 USD (or about $23 each). Something about the design and the simplicity of the packaging makes me think these Yum Yums would integrate quite nicely with your Sticky Monster Lab collection…

Yum Yum London Toy Series 1: Hotdog

When examined individually, the Yum Yum toys aren’t particularly original: Zombies have been done to death; Popcorn brings to mind Wilfrid Wood’s 2007 Coot; and Will Sweeney made the similarly weapon-toting Helmut the Hot Dog Man also in 2007. Perhaps that’s why Yum Yum is only offering them as a set. As a quintet, Yum Yum’s Toy Series 1 succeeds. Its aesthetic is cohesive, the character choice is random and fun, and the toys are reminiscent of ye good olde days in designer vinyl toy collecting. Like James Jarvis’ In Crowd, I can imagine these becoming more and more enjoyable as (hopefully) future Yum Yum series are released.

Yum Yum London Toy Series 1: Granny

The Yum Yum London art toys will be shipped out in August. They warn that they have no plans to make further editions of these particular character designs, so “if you think you’d like them, be quick!” UK and beyond-the-UK ordering info is here.

Yum Yum London Toy Series 1: Zombie

Here are Yum Yum London’s Heroes and Villains series (perhaps future toys) and the cutting room floor characters from Toy Series 1.

Yum Yum London Character Canon

These are The Professionals, which were made for Wired magazine.

Yum Yum London The Professionals