Update on UNKL Spongebob Toys

UNKL Spongebob toys

Speaking of licensed “designer” Spongebob toys, UNKL presents a first look at their Spongebob samples…and they’ve UNKL-ized (nearly) the whole gang. Back in July, UNKL was still courting licensor approval for Spongebob, so it’s nice to find out they got it.

UNKL SpongeBob at SDCC 2011

UNKL writes:

“Sally (the Squirrel) is in the next series (if it happens). We’ll take a stab at anything to put our own twist on it if we like how it looks to begin with. The SB crew is a great starting point for us to explore with our own style. Love how these guys are looking. Still artwork to tweak on these and adjustments here and there to the forms, but we’re gettin’ there fo sho…”

[Thanks to Sergey Safonov for the tip, as well as the link to this utterly OCD, fantastic Spongebob video.]