Gummi Bear Anatomy 3D Puzzles Are Almost Here!

Gummi Bear Anatomy 3D Puzzles

The Jason Freeny x Fame Master Gummi Bear Anatomy 3D puzzle project [previously blogged here] has been in play for almost 5 years, and the company finally announced a release date. Freeny’s clear and green colorways will be released this coming July, along with a surprise (non-Freeny) “Terminator Pattern” cutaway edition. Fame Master cautions that the solid colors represented in the photo above is not indicative of final quality and are for reference only.

Gummi Terminator Anatomy Bear

Direct-to-fan pre-orders are open for the clear, green and Terminatbear versions at a price of $30 USD each (including 30-45 day surface mailing postage). You can reserve one now by contacting Fame Master’s sales department, and expect to settle your invoice some time in July.

I still think these popjects make a pretty nice affordable sculpture, though, like Toy2R’s Visible Qee, the complexity of Freeny’s original design had to be simplified a lot for production. What do you think?

Gummi Anatomie by Jason Freeny
Gummi Anatomie by Jason Freeny
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