Friday 04-06-12 Instagram Roundup

Instagram x Android banner

The biggest news on Instagram this week was that the niche social photography site opened its previously Applecentric shutter to Android users. Despite the influx of Androids, this week’s Instagram Roundup is still dominated by iPhones.

As usual, we’ve got toys, art and cats. Highlights for the week include: Bigfoot in Japan, Kaws in France and gay zombies in Mexico. For the geeks among us, there’s argyle socks with characters designed by Scott Tolleson and an unexpected appearance from Anthony Michael Hall. Check it out, and remember: Wear goggles when grinding! [Previous weeks’ Instagram Roundups are located here.]

Bigfoot stands off against loggers in Japan. Photo by @bigfootone
"Hall and Oats" = breakfast wordplay from @bowenstuff

Nosellots argyle socks by @MrScottTolleson? Yes please...
@64colors quickly sold out their Dunny APs along with these great hand-crafted staffs.
Sicklings art pins by @yosielllorenzo. Now in the collection of @stacyjean5
"Gay zombies" in Mexico. Photo by @vinyleschiles
Gorgeous new work by Yosuke Ueno. Photo by @birdmanphotos
Kaws and Darcel at Colette in Paris. Photo by @sarahcolette
Camille Rose Garcia-inspired cake by David Nuno. Photo by @stacyjean5
One of the very helpful Lulubell Toy Bodega worker cats. Photo by @luluamy
Boston Terrier and Boston Terrier tattoo. Photo by @liverdiet
Ol Trunksy toy, part of "Galaxy Council" series. In the collection of @pepamo in Canada
Just a couple of cats hanging out by @bryanbrutherford
@evilos and friends!
"Xeroxed, hand-finished and resin coated". Ha HA! Photo by @birdmanphotos