FrankenMarshalls by 64Colors

64Colors Halloween FrankenMarshalls

Frankenstein is my favorite of the Universal Monsters. The idea of doing a marshmallow monster mash is so wacky, so against type, that it just works. FrankenMarshall by 64Colors joins the legion of monstrously innocuous breakfast cereal characters and Japanese mascots. I’m pretty sure the fella at left above is going to hit the goth clubs with Count Chocula later. But I digress.

64Colors Halloween prints

Today, 64Colors gets up for Halloween with the release of this gangrene green-gang. They’ve customized 10 of their 3-inch Marshall vinyls with a Frankenstein flair. Each figure is different, with some sporting more festive apparel. The custom FrankenMarshalls will be available at 9AM PST / 12PM EST today for $125 each here. Each figure is accompanied by a Marshall Meets Jack print. Fun!