Tattoo Barbie Controversy!

Tattoo Barbie Controversy!

According to Yahoo, on the day Gaddafi was killed, the tokidoki tattoo Barbie (previously blogged) was trending higher. I thought, well, maybe it’s because Barbie’s face is nicer to look at than the Gaddafi snuff photo the press deemed necessary to circulate. But no: Barbie is trending because American moms think that tattoos are the real enemy.

Click through for a look at her backpiece and some snarky things I couldn’t stop myself from saying.

Tattoo Barbie Controversy

Luckily, not everyone has lost their minds, and thanks to a couple of Flickr users, we get to see some more of the skin within. As a reminder, the tokidoki Barbie was marketed and sold to adult collectors. It’s not like it was available at the suburban ToysRus. And according to, it’s no longer available at all: because all 7,400 units are SOLD OUT.

Tokidoki Barbie

I have two final observations to make about this story before I lay it to rest:

  1. Thanks to that prevalent neck tattoo, I don’t think Barbie is going to be filling out job applications anytime soon. Next stop: #OccupyWallStreet!
  2. tokidoki tattoo Barbie totally needs a Rick Genest Ken.
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