Steve Seeley’s All We Ever Do Is Fight

Superman & Kim

Steve Seeley‘s newest work, All We Ever Do is Fight, presents a series of pop culture fighters and duets painted on digitally printed backgrounds. Some people might point out that the work is absurd: these creatures would never fight each other in real life. But perhaps that’s the point. On Seeley’s website, the “Statement” page is left blank. A bunch of these paintings make me smile. Cartoon animal fighters are ridiculous, sure, but are they any more preposterous than Kim Kardashian and Superman (above)? Let’s get real, and point out that if these paintings were meant to mimic real life, Seeley would have painted his Superman more like this.

Seeley will also have two editions of his resin Bear Fighters available for purchase. The 6-inch “inaction figures”are available in ultra-limited pink and blue (5 pieces per color) for $40 each. Fun stuff. Steve Seeley’s All We Ever Do is Fight opens tonight at Rotofugi in Chicago and runs through March 4th.