More Hand-Painted Resin Mutant Bunnies by Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter Mutant Bunnies

This is a case of good timing. On October 18th, a disturbed Ohio man released about 50 exotic animals from their cages to their deaths. The futility of this tragedy hangs with me. Today, Joe Ledbetter sets loose 5 exotic animals of his own, (at least temporarily) replacing the tragic visual with one that is considerably more cheerful.

The 12-inch figures were designed and painted by Ledbetter and sculpted impeccably by Pretty in Plastic. Five figures have been posted in JLED’s online shop, and, just like last time, the first three are already sold out. The two remaining (at press time) are Cactus Bunny and Pig in a Bunny Suit. Each one-of-a-kind art toy is $1,500. (An edition of 99 Mummy Bunny prints are also available.)

Click through for the full Joe Ledbetter Mutant Bunny grid.