Pop Culture Papercraft

Elton John pop culture papercraft by People TooRussian designers¬†Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich (known as People Too) make pop culture papercraft. The level of detail in their designs is pretty epic. While the “Star” series of celebrity portraits (see Elton John above and The Beatles below) really stands out, I am completely in awe of the “banal” Factory and Office vignettes. Click here to see many more shots from the Factory and Office series on Behance (including: a ginger haircut, the most adorable tiny paper magazine files and another appearance by the tabby).

Factory Cat pop culture papercraft by People Too
The Beatles pop culture papercraft by People TooRoom Rosario papercraft by People TooOffice Scene papercraft by People TooPop culture papercraft tools of the trade by People Too


[via Design Boom]