LOVE MOVEMENT Still Needs Your Love!

LOVE MOVEMENT is now over halfway funded! Thank you so much Daniel, Blake, Nicole, Amy, Greta, Matt, Josh, Andrew, Sarah, Matthias, Stephanie, Erick, Edward, Julie, Jesse, Ritzy, Shing Yin, Spanky, David, Monica, Jeremy, Michal, Jacob and Matthew!

But we still need your help to reach our goal on Kickstarter. If we don’t reach the goal, we don’t get any of the money that’s been pledged. That’s the way it works. It’s meant to protect your investment in our project–it’s all or nothing, folks!

On this crazy shopping day of Black Friday, please consider making a $10 donation to LOVE MOVEMENT. The funds (less the Kickstarter and Amazon deductions) go directly to Shin and Nao. Your $10 pledge will get you these Dankeschoen paper toys. You can even email the download link to someone on your gift list. Done deal! Cross them off and move on.

We’ve got a variety of rewards for different pledge levels–from T-shirts to custom toys to a digital file of your name written by Shin Tanaka to actually having your message of love written on the gallery wall during the December 11th LOVE MOVEMENT show.

Every dollar counts! No pledge is too low as it all goes to getting us toward the goal. We will continue to thank everyone on Twitter and this blog. Thanks for your consideration! PLEDGE HERE NOW.