Love and The Life Cycle of Toys

Robot + Doll = LOVE

I don’t want to ruin this with a spoiler alert, so let’s just say this sweet love story between two toys is one of the most successful commercials I’ve seen in a long time. Also cool: the video was done by Manikako, a Filipino organization that teaches children how to make their own dolls from old clothes and recycled materials.

Manikako offers free doll-making workshops to less fortunate Filipino children, helping them rediscover creativity, resourcefulness and environmental responsibility, values which can help them rise above poverty. At the Manikako workshop, a Manika (doll) is transformed into a Manikako (my doll). We believe the world becomes a better place when we make beautiful things for someone else, so you always make a Manikako for a friend – never for yourself.

Great. Now I’m getting teary. Really great idea though!

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