Le Petit Prince by Troy Gua

Prince by Troy Gua

Sorry Mom, but it’s not this Little Prince today. Instead, it’s a meticulously rendered, lovingly executed action figure of the musician, Prince, by Seattle artist (and topknot aficionado), Troy Gua.

Prince by Troy Gua

Gua manages to capture the essence of The Purple One with signature hair and clothing. He sculpted the face and the guitar from scratch. Work in progress photos can be seen here. [If the graphic above isn’t automatically spinning in your browser, click it and it will.]

Prince by Troy Gua

I have to give props to an artist who takes the time to faithfully replicate ethnic facial and body hair. As a curly man myself, I know it’s a tricky business. Click through for more costume changes, and click here for a newspaper spotlight on Troy Gua. Awesome work!

[You might also appreciate this toy art tribute to Prince from the 3A Legion custom show.]

Prince action figure

Le Petit Prince