Skittles Portrait Unfortunately Prophetic

George Zimmerman verdict in Trayvon Martin case

Last year, I wrote a story on this portrait of George Zimmerman made out of Skittles by artist Andy Bell. At the time, I questioned whether the medium matched the message. After all, weren’t Skittles a symbol of the innocence lost with the slain black teenager, Trayvon Martin? Using Skittles to depict Zimmerman read (to me) as Zimmerman being innocent. Well, I woke up today to read that Zimmerman is walking free, innocent as Skittles. California got something right recently smacking down Prop 8 to legalize gay marriage, but Florida (once again) gets it wrong. Racism is WRONG, yet the Florida judge wrote his verdict in Skittles. I’m so tired of “The United States.” I would prefer to live in the country of California please! Bugs Bunny vigilante animated gif via Dangerous Minds.

Bye Bye Florida