Jerk of Art: Curtain Call for The Sucklord?

Jerk of Art by The Sucklord

Nah. It’s hardly a curtain call. Or a swan song. Or any other combination of two words paired to soften the finality of a finale under a euphemism of indeterminate origin. The Sucklord has now appeared on Can’t Get a Date (VH1, 2006) and Work of Art (Bravo, 2011). Any amateur numerologist will tell you that things come in threes. He’ll be back. Why? Because he understands winning and losing. And also branding. Which is what reality TV is all about anyway. It’s not about the next great artist. Or the next top chef. It’s certainly not about America’s next top model (as Tyra Banks recently proved in her TV show’s seventeenth “cycle” where she brought in Brandwashed author, Martin Lindstrom, to teach the girls a thing or two just one thing).

Watching Work of Art with the toyfam was fun while it lasted. I suppose the biggest bummer is that a toy artist didn’t make it to the episode with KAWS as guest judge. But The Sucklord Morgan Phillips and KAWS Brian Donnelly now share at least one thing in common: only the most famous toy artists bootleg Peanuts. One more SUCKtalk is on deck. Yay…