The Gunshot Doorknob

The Gunshot Doorknob by Hyunwoo Park

Hyunwoo Park, designer of the (conceptual) Gunshot Doorknob writes:

I agree that we have enough of violence that permeates our subconscious mind. But for those who love lightsabers and think BB Guns are good fun, a quirky knob will be just that…quirky!

I’m not one to argue with quirky. However, I see this as a missed opportunity. Park says “Pull the trigger. Shoot the door.” But what did the door ever do to him? I think I speak for all germophobes when I suggest that Park should remodel his Gunshot Doorknob on a watergun and partner with Purell. New slogan: “Pull the trigger. Shoot your hand with HAND SANITIZER.” No more having to exit the restroom clutching a paper towel to ward off communicable diseased like the plague.

See also Hairdryer Shaped Like a Gun.

The Gunshot Doorknob by Hyunwoo Park + Purell by me