16-Year-Old Girl’s Nail Art Pop Culture Fingernails

Nail Art Pop Culture: Social Network Nails by Nancy L

Nancy L uses her fingernails as canvases to show the world her interests. She likes Burberry, Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Pokemon, shoes, social media, her iPhone and, of course, (well, who doesn’t?) rainbows.

Nail Art Pop Culture: iPhone Apps Nails by Nancy L

When trying to credit Nancy L for these photos, all I found was this “beautylish” profile, which tells me that she has dry skin and black hair and is 16 years old. In light of this new information, I applaud Nancy for being the rare breed of teenager who doesn’t, for instance, post her real last name all across the Internets while simultaneously doing bath salts on YouTube.

Nail Art Pop Culture: Hello Kitty Nails by Nancy L

What Nancy L REALLY likes is “doing nails,” and I think she’s got her hands on a bright future. Click here to see her full gallery of ┬ánail art. The Converse All-stars sneakers (below) are my favorite because of how surreal it makes her fingers look.

Nail Art Pop Culture: Sneaker Nails by Nancy L

Speaking of surreal, this reminded me of the Twin Peaks nail art. Fun fact: Nancy L would not be born for a full 5 years after Twin Peaks made its debut on television. Who feels old now?