Jazz Hands Man Stickers by Abe Lincoln Jr.

Jazzhands stickers by Abe Lincoln Jr.

New York artist, Abe Lincoln Jr., has some new stickers out. Here’s his explanation of Jazz Hands Man:

Giving my regards to Broadway, I’m setting the Great White Way on fire with my new series of adhesive awesomeness. Having worked in the heart of NYC’s Time Square for over a year, I felt I needed to pay homage to the horrible tourist-strewn, slow-walking hell that is the New Times Square. I actually lived in the Old Times Square when I first moved to New York, and now that all the “movie theaters” and peep shows have been turned into tourist traps, I felt it was time to pay tribute to the totally random world of the Broadway musical, essentially the most inessential form of entertainment ever.

If you disagree with Abe’s opinion on musicals, you might still enjoy these stickers. There’s something compelling about Jazz Hands Man. While I’m inclined to doubt that fans of Broadway musicals are particularly prone to quasi-legal sticker slaps, I would love to be proved wrong!

Jazzhands stickers by Abe Lincoln Jr.

Abe walks a lot, and as such, he puts up a lot of stickers. You can virtually follow his path through Instagram. Or, as he says: “Go buy the stickers: Jazz Hands Man is waiting to take his show on the road and shuffle off to Buffalo.” Abe’s face stickers and his classic “fucking hipsters” stickers are also now available online. Grab packs of 5 Jazz Hands Man stickers for $5 each here.

Face stickers by Abe Lincoln Jr.

Fucking Hipsters stickers by Abe Lincoln Jr.

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