iPhone App Puts You in the SKWAK Maniac World

Mr Chiizu x SKWAK iPhone app

Most people shy away from chaos, but some thrive on it. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to insert yourself into the SKWAK Maniac World of French artist, SKWAK. An iPhone app called Mr. Chiizu combines graphics by contemporary artists with the experience of a Japanese photo booth (purikura). It’s wacky fun, for sure. I made the image above at bottom right late last night. (I call it Drunkty Dumpty.) The app itself is a 99 cent download here, but you’ll need to spend another 99 cents to download the SKWAK theme within the app.

Mr Chiizu x SKWAK iPhone app

Here’s kind of a Matrixy-thing: It’s SKWAK on SKWAK (above)! Beautiful Decay just posted an interview with the artist, and he explains his Mr. Chiizu theme:

I wanted to create a theme that would  give people the opportunity to fully integrate into my Maniac world. I tried to have a very varied selection of images to give the people the power to create a crazy and colorful world for their pictures. It would be fun to combine completely different elements in one image like a sausage and a star wars sword. An important point in my work, is the absurdity of the world of maniacs and that’s exactly what I hope people do with the images, create fun, crazy, and creative absurd images. The important thing is to use my theme without holding back! you must be crazy, have no limits, be colorful, absurd, and most of all a maniac.

Nice. I can’t wait to SKWAKify my cats!