Greenbutts: Cigarette Seed Bombs for Guerrilla Gardeners

Greenbutts: Cigarette Seed Bombs for Guerrilla Gardeners

Full disclosure: I’ll click any link with “greenbutts” in the URL. Luckily, rather than Irish pornography at, I found biodegradable cigarettes filled with wildflower seeds. Greenbutts are cigarettes “made from all-natural materials using no chemicals or synthetic binders”. Seeds are embedded in the filter plug wrap and tipping paper and can sprout wildflowers in cement cracks when smokers flick their butts.

Per their FAQ, Greenbutts isn’t: 1) trying to make smoking cigarettes seem healthy (although I can’t help thinking of nature marketing in action again…), 2) encouraging smokers to litter and 3) trying to wreak havoc on native flora.

But they are seeking investors. Naturally!  I wish I could sing out (ala Sir Mix-a-lot) “I like green butts, and I cannot lie,” but there are just too many problems. Off the top of my head:

  • Even if Greenbutts has “gone to great lengths during the research and development process to make certain that the wildflowers chosen are non-invasive and native to the region in which the filters are sold,” how could they possibly control where the filters, and therefore the seeds, travel?
  • Although I have a long personal history of frustration with smokers who are litterbugs, is it really wise to kinda sorta almost advocate tossing lit cigarettes into nature?
  • This is petty, but the stock photography and crappy merch on the site need to be filtered out.

Read up on Guerrilla Gardening and Seed Bombs here.

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