Koreans Design Dipping Cup to Fatten Americans

The Dipping Cup by Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun

While other design blogs celebrate this ‘innovation,’ I cry foul (and not just because mixing condiments and colas is gross). Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun designed the Dipping Cup to “to reduce the use of the plastic cups for ketchup, which we find in most McDonalds and other fast food chains.” They continue: “An indent on the drink or coffee mug lid is good enough to serve as a dipping dish for the ketchup.” Be that as it may, and environmental positives acknowledged, how fat and lazy are we becoming that this is OK? Why stop at overflowing the indentation on the lid? Why not fill the whole damn cup?? Why not make it a “Venti” ketchup???

Bonus! Using the Dipping Cup outside constitutes an “outdoor activity,” so consider your daily exercise requirements met!

The Dipping Cup by Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun

Yanko Design

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