David Choe Munko Lamps

David Choe Munko LampsThese lamps are part of Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans‘ Design Virus collection.  I saw them on Design Boom, and I loved them immediately.

The series of light bulbs take on forms which have gone way out of line, appearing as bulbous forms extending from industrial lamp shades. They take on various sizes and shapes, large masses taking over and in some cases, appearing as if they are almost starting to consume the pieces of furniture in which they are placed.

The more I looked at the light bulbs, though, the more I began to see David Choe’s Munko whale. Once upon a time, David Choe drew me, so now I’m drawing Munko. As a Dutch light bulb. Which is better than a Dutch oven. Or something.

David Choe Munko LampsDon’t you wish these existed? The originals are brilliant without my Photoshop skillz. Check them out here.