Take Cover With a SKWAK Umbrella

Skwak umbrella for Dandy FrogNot all artist products make sense, but this one does. SKWAK teams up with French upstart umbrella company Dandyfrog on a functional item guaranteed to inject some color into the impending weeks of gray San Francisco skies. SKWAK is interested in objects that immerse people in his Maniac World, and this umbrella, called “Fairytale,” would have you, literally, under the umbrella of his world.

SKWAK papertoy for Dandy FrogFiled under Getting it Right: Dandyfrog has made available a free downloadable papertoy of their mascot frog looking dandy with his SKWAK umbrella. Get it here. Filed under Getting So Close: I really enjoyed choosing “monsieur” from the drop-down menu, I got the umbrella into my shopping cart, and I think I even managed to subscribe to their newsletter, but damn if I can complete checkout. Google Translation is giving no love on this either. If you figure it out, let me know! Visit the Dandyfrog boutique here.

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