Electronic Van Orlax and a Studio Visit with Pete Fowler

Van Orlax by Pete Fowler

Electronic Van Orlax

David Cranner, maker of electronic instruments and mechanical sculptures, augmented this Van Orlax with two “Weird Sound Generators” that provide “bleeps, filters and drones to be manipulated by a number of chest-mounted knobs and switches”. Cranner replaced the original vinyl antlers with “machined aluminium ‘electrodes’, inspired by the shape of high voltage ceramic insulators,” and then “connected [them] to one of the WSG oscillators, allowing you to control the pitch by touching them”.

Um, that’s RAD. As an additional bonus, through Cranner’s discussion of the Electronic Van Orlax, I learned that the German word for bagpipes is dudelsack. Also rad.

Electronic Van Orlax

Click here to listen to the blips and bleeps of Electronic Van Orlax. Perhaps we will also see this guy turning up on a future Seahawks record??? Maybe Pete will let me join in for a jam session using my T.W.E.R.P. by Dustin Cantrell???

Pete Fowler's studio

In related Pete Fowler news, It Drew Itself visited Pete’s studio. Check out a few select images below and then hit up the full tour here.

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