Kaiju and Manga Resin Sebastiaan Straatsma Dustcollectors

Yoda Mute by Sebastiaan Straatsma dustcollectors

I’ve been working on an interview with French purveyors of contemporary porcelain, K. Olin Tribu, and I’ve become increasingly interested in “traditional” art forms remixed with modern aesthetics. In another great example of this, Dutch designer, Sebastiaan Straatsma, added elements of pop culture (Yoda, My Little Pony), manga (Astroboy, Pikachu) and Kaiju (Booska, Ultraman, Godzilla) to classical vases. The collection of vessels is suitably called “dustcollectors,” and they’re really quite striking:

Sebastiaan Straatsma Dustcollectors

Each of Straatsma’s vases is made from mixed and hand colored resin which is drawn and splattered onto open structures – self-made moulds and shapes. Once the resin is dry, the moulds are removed revealing vibrant objects which stand on their own. Here, the resin works both as decoration and construction within one form. A result of an expressive momentum where color, texture and image come together. some of the vases are based on pre-paired working collages while others are the result of a more improvisational expression, making each piece unique.

I’m so very close to understanding that process…if anyone can explain it to me better, I’d appreciate it.  Check out Straatsma’s studio: pure delight for resinheads.

Sebastiaan Straatsma in his studio

Click through for lots more photos. [via Design Boom & Trendland]

Godzilla by Sebastiaan Straatsma dustcollectors

Aaaaghhh!!! by Sebastiaan Straatsma dustcollectors

Sebastiaan Straatsma DustcollectorsSebastiaan Straatsma DustcollectorsSebastiaan Straatsma Dustcollectors