KAWS Companion Made out of Toilet Paper by Michael Lee Ford

KAWS sculpture out of toilet paper by Michael Lee Ford

Michael Lee Ford is an outsider artist who uses paper pulp to make sculptures. He honed his skills while incarcerated in Texas. Ford served 21 years of the 35-year robbery sentence, and is now free and accepting commissions. He made this KAWS Companion tribute sculpture out of toilet paper while in prison in 2004.

After hearing of the death of his mother in 1996, Michael was inspired to created a sculpture of Christ. Being in prison with no art supplies, he followed the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt who said: “Do what you can where you are with what you have” and developed a method of turning newspaper back into paper pulp and then sculpting with it.

The toilet paper Companion by Michael Lee Ford is now in the KAWS collection, as seen on Instagram.