Fraggle Rock Doozer Toys by TADO

fraggle rock doozer toy by TADO

My love for Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock runs deep, and I always kinda related to the little, green, workaholic duders known as Doozers. As part of Gallery Nucleus’ The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me Henson tribute exhibition, TADO created four life-sized Doozers in wood, paper mache and clay. The Fraggle Rock Doozer toys are currently for sale through the Gallery Nucleus website for $275-$300 each. So cute!

Fraggle Rock Doozer toys by TADO

Click through for a special bonus Fraggle convergence: I ran into Red Fraggle at our local Open Mic Night. It was like a scene from 8 Mile all up in there! Don’t mess with the gingers!

Red Fraggle at Open Mic Night

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