Dutch Brains: Food Art For Breakfast

Maasdammer cheese brain food art by Sarah Asnaghi
Maasdammer cheese brain by Sarah Asnaghi

Mmmm…I love blogging on an empty stomach. Culinary alchemist Sara Asnaghi continues her What Have You Got In Your Head? series of (semi) edible food art with this delectable trio inspired by traditional Dutch food.

Bread with herring brain food art by Sara Asnaghi
Bread with herring brain by Sara Asnaghi

Asnaghi made the new Dutch brains using a combination of plaster, painted clay and bread crumbs. They’ll be on view at Mindmap, an exciting collision of art and neuroscience beginning tomorrow, May 25th at Odapark, Venray, The Netherlands.

Pea soup with sausage (Snert) brain food art by Sarah Asnaghi
Pea soup with sausage (Snert) brain by Sarah Asnaghi