Doktor A’s HR Giger Glasses

Doktor A's HR Giger Glasses

Check out these HR Giger glasses in an awesome blast from the past. It seems that last month at DesignerCon, Doktor A got to talking about HR Giger with Shinji Nakako (owner of Tomenosuke Gallery in Japan and producer of this excellent exhibition). Flash forward to now and Doktor A has gifted Shinji-san a pair of his own hand-crafted, spectacular (adjective and noun) safety pin glasses inspired by Giger’s late 70s Illuminatus II painting. (And yes, that IS a young Dok A modeling the specs above right!)

Doktor A's HR Giger Glasses

I haven’t yet personally connected with Giger’s art, but my buddy Skinner tells me that Giger (one of his favorite artists) and I share a predisposition for long periods of solitude with paper and pen. In addition, I’ll always blog exceptional eyewear (for example…). Dok A: If you think these can accommodate my Semitic nose, I can rock these!

Humphrey Mooncalfs by Doktor A

While parsing the Tomenosuke blog, I noticed a lovely, verdant mosaic blur. Looks like Humphrey Mooncalf is going green! Somebody give me a head’s up when this is available! NICE.