Cubist Persian Cats by Jason Freeny

Cubist Moofs by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny recently endeavored to make a small set of cubes inspired by his family cat, an exotic short-haired Persian named Moof. It’s cool how relatively simple it is to translate a cat to a sculpture: nose, whiskers, tail…butthole. While I’m ready for the design world to be over its love affair with most (but not all) minimalist pop culture posters, seeing these Moofs reinforces the need for “editors” in art. Toy customizers, in particular, often overdesign by adding layers upon layer of paint and clay to an armature. They seem to think that more is better, when there’s that other adage: “less is more”.

But I digress! Above you can see the Real Moof. Freeny is currently selling the Moof cubes in his webshop (click over to the Originals area) for $480 each. He also shares the creation process in this Facebook set. (Or you can just look at these thumbnails and not have Mark Zuckerberg steal your soul.)

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