Colin Christian Sculpture Sale on eBay NOW!

Stripper Bunny Colin Christian sculpture

Earlier this week, Colin Christian announced he would be clearing out his studio and selling various sculptures on eBay. (FYI, to folks who resist social media: this is the kind of stuff you miss out on.) The sale is a GIFT to people [like me and maybe you] who are “interested in [his] work, process and technique, who cannot afford the usual (gallery)┬áprices.” This sort of thing does not often happen. Although the majority of the works are test pieces or have “holes, cracks, chips, paint missing or will be unfinished fiberglass,” I kind of like that hint of the process.

Please note per Colin: “Copyright on these works remains mine and I will jump from a great height on those who wish to copy, mold or reproduce these works in any way.” I suppose that could be an incentive to some kind of people, but the moral is: don’t be douchy.

All works are signed and ready to hang. Get over to the eBay sale here. It is rare for us working stiffs to have this kind of access. With Buy It Now prices starting at $40, the sculptures are going fast.