Marlowe the Monster Sculpted Comic Volume 1

Marlowe the Monster by Shingyin

Yay! Shing Yin Khor has made a collected volume of her excellent Marlowe the Monster sculpted webcomics, and you can pre-order it for just $15 here. Infoz:

The first collected volume of Marlowe the Monster is 76 full colour perfect bound pages full of Marlowe comics, behind the scenes images and character bios! There are also one or two pictures of my cat (with Marlowe, of course). As a thank you to my awesome preorder supporters, ALL Marlowe books will come with an hand drawn Marlowe sketch!

Just to recap for folks who think the preceding paragraph is somehow TL:DR:

  • 76 pages of the hapless and neurotic multi-eyed monster, Marlowe.
  • 76 pages of deadpan one-liners that caption (and capture) the vignettes
  • Hand-drawn Marlowe sketch
  • She spelled colour with a “u”.

Marlowe the Monster by Shingyin

In what I’ve come to appreciate as the @shingyin spirit, she is also offering a “Totally Rad” pre-order for $50 that comes with an original figure which has appeared in a Marlowe comic, and a “Holy Crap Awesome” pre-order for $100 that comes with TWO original figures from Marlow comics. If you have yet to meet Shing Yin, click here for a visual and then re-read the titles of the pre-order packages.

Marlowe the Monster by Shingyin

Two questions I get asked fairly often:

  • Is X artist a nice person?
  • What is the provenance of X piece?

Well, this one’s just easy. Shing Yin is an AWESOME person, and if you opt for either of the enhanced pre-orders, you’ll know immediately where your figures have been. I just ordered mine. Get yours here.