Stop This Canadian Rip-off “Artist”!

D'holbachie Yoko
Artwork by D’holbachie Yoko, pirated by Alex Munin

Earlier this evening, Travis Louie tweeted an ugly discovery: a new website called (deliberately not hyperlinked) is selling unauthorized reproductions of paintings by Glenn Barr, Jeff Soto, Lori Earley, Sarah Joncas, Martin Wittfooth, Tom Bagshaw, D’holbachie Yoko, Natalia Fabia, Mia Araujo and Audrey Kawasaki.

I looked up Munin’s “whois” info and was shocked to find that this act of treachery is being perpetrated from within Canada! Canada! Canadians don’t do this kind of stuff. (The entire country is just like Kids in the Hall and Okedoki, for reals.) But Alex Munin of Toronto is, in fact, doing this kind of stuff. He’s selling prints of artwork that he doesn’t have permission for. (This part’s a bit petty, but I feel hostile toward him for his categorization of the above-mentioned artists as “Cartoonish Art,” as well.)

Audrey Kawasaki
Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki, pirated by Alex Munin

A tumblog re-posted Munin’s contact info (home address and all), and you can also find it easily with a whois search. It feels like stooping to Munin’s level to potentially put his family or roommates in danger, so I’ll just share his email address: (Because if you’re still using hotmail in 2012, your inbox is very likely brimming with much, much worse missives than those from angry art collectors.)

It’s hard enough making a living as a creative person these days. Hopefully, we can get Munin’s operation shut down before he takes any (more) money from the artists responsible for the the work on his site.

Glenn Barr
Artwork by Glenn Barr, pirated by Alex Munin
Lori Earley
Artwork by Lori Earley, pirated by Alex Munin
Jeff Soto
Artwork by Jeff Soto, pirated by Alex Munin
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