When Fingers Become Fountain Pens: The Art of Ray Massey

Banana Hands by Ray Massey
Banana Hands

Some people have jazz hands; other people have banana hands. (It’s a matter of personal preference.) Advertising photographer, Ray Massey, falls into the latter group.

Pencil Pot by Ray Massey
Pencil Pot

The London-based photographer uses hands for his canvas, and with lighting, paint and a little retouching, he’ll turn your finger into a fountain pen. Seriously! Look at this next photo. REALLY look at it.

Finger Pen by Ray Massey
Finger Pen

Amazing, right? I marvel at Massey’s transformations. The imagery of fingers becoming pencils speaks directly to me, but Massey renders all kinds of illusions. While I might not relate to hands morphing into sportsball players, the images are way cool to look at. Click on through to the other side, and have yourself a great weekend.

Running Hands by Ray Massey
Running Hands
Footballers by Ray Massey