Toys by Design: a Chat with SKWAK

SKWAK in Design Bureau Magazine

Issue 20 of Design Bureau is out with a short piece I wrote about French fine artist, graphic designer, commercial illustrator and resident maniac, SKWAK. I’ve been following SKWAK’s work since I began chronicling toy art culture, and it’s rad to see him evolving and letting loose with his maniacs in the real world through SNEAKYMOB.

Here’s a little Finish This Sentence game that didn’t make it into print, but proves that underneath the Maniac, there’s a man who’s crazy about his wife, his kid and his cat. Awwww….

  1. I would love to see one of my illustrations on… A PLANE
  2. My favorite thing about living in France is… FOOD AND WINE
  3. If I could live in another era, I would choose NOW because… EVERYTHING IS STILL POSSIBLE
  4. If my Maniac World was a type of musical arrangement, it would sound like… A ROCK RAP CHILD STORY
  5. My ideal place/situation where I like to make art is… EVERYWHERE I FEEL INSPIRED
  6. When designing for lifestyle merchandise, the most important consideration should be… ORIGINALITY
  7. If I weren’t an illustrator, I would be… CREATIVE ANYWAY
  8. If my house was on fire, I’d run for the door and grab… MY WIFE AND MY KID, AND MY CAT
  9. People would be surprised to know that I… AM PART OF A RESTAURANT IN LILLE
  10. In the movie biography of my life, I would be played by… MYSELF
  11. I couldn’t go a week without… INTERNET
  12. I will never, ever get sick of looking at… MY SON
  13. My biggest vice is… NEVER STOP
  14. I’d be lost without my… WIFE AND KID
  15. If I had only a week left to live… USE A TIME MACHINE
  16. If money were no object, I would design… AN AIRBUS A380
  17. In the year 2100, design will be… INSPIRED BY MANIAC